Nordjysk Projektledelse

Why hire NPL

At Nordjysk Project Management (NPL), our objective is always the same: Achieve the goals set for the project, by delivering a completed turn-key result, or delivering a well-functioning project which can be handed over to the project organization. To support our consultants in achieving this goal, Nordjysk Project Management (NPL) has the following motto: Listen, learn and deliver projects on time in full.

Erfarne Projektleder & Konsulenter

We generate an involving processes and lead projects from start to finish. We have both national & international experience and are therefore able to provide services in both Danish and English.

Fixed price projects

Depending on the project and your needs, the price can be either a fixed hourly rate, or upon an agreed fixed price

Project Management

If there is a lack of resources to see a project through to its completion, or if your project requires unique management support, see what Nordjysk Project Management (NPL) has to offer.


Management Consulting