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Collaboration with Success: The steering group can have a decisive role in project management

Cooperation with Success: The steering group can have a decisive role in project management Lars Ubbesen, director at Nordjysk Projektledelse and former Senior Project Manager for a number of large projects in industry says: ?As a senior project manager, one of my most valuable experiences through... Learn more »Collaboration with Success: The steering group can have a decisive role in project management

Hybrid Project Management

Hybrid project management The dynamic path to success in modern project organizations Project management is for modern companies a crucial discipline that helps turn visions into concrete results. Over the years, various project management methodologies have emerged and evolved to meet… Learn more »Hybrid Project Management

Remote project management

Effective long-distance project management: Avoid the pitfalls How do we manage projects at a distance? Project management is a challenge in itself, and managing projects remotely, also known as long-distance project management, can be even more challenging. Whether you work with a… Learn more »Remote project management

Interested handling

Stakeholder management What is good stakeholder management in project management? Good stakeholder management in a project includes several aspects: Clear communication: It is important to have clear and precise lines and channels of communication so that all parties involved are able to understand what… Learn more »Interested handling

Senior project manager

Six Points a Senior Project Manager Should Possess A senior project manager can possess several characteristics and skills that enable them to perform their role successfully. We have compiled a list of six points that we consider… Learn more »Senior project manager

Sustainable project management

Sustainability in project management It is important to integrate sustainability into project management from the beginning and make it an integral part of the project plan. By considering environmental, social and economic factors, project managers can create a positive impact on society… Learn more »Sustainable project management

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News April 2021

1) Projects & References Nordjysk project management has been the project manager of the POA (Port of Aalborg) digitization project since September 2020. Nordjysk Project Management, have now completed their part of this project. POA has given Nordjysk Projektledelse the following reference: Thank you for Nordjysk Projektledelse's… Learn more »News April 2021