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Nordjysk Projektledelse

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  1. 1) Projects & References
    Since September 2020, North Jutland project management has been the project manager of the POA (Port of Aalborg) digitization project. Nordjysk Projektledelse has the following reference from this project:
    Thank you for Nordjysk project management efforts in the last 7 months at the Port Of Aalborg (POA), where the Danish Project management has guided the Port of Aalborg digitisation project. Thanks to the North project management effective & professional efforts are POA made good progress and has become a bit wiser than what the POA was for ½ year ago

    1) Available capacity per April 2021
    Nordjysk Project Management has the opportunity to also advise and support other companies, and we currently have the opportunity to support your strategic way forward. So if you or your company go and think that you need an external project manager who can cast new eyes on your project and see it from other angles, then we can help. How can you minimize the risks? Or how do you put together the best team? So pick up the phone and call Nordjysk Project Management, as our project managers can create the big picture and juggle challenging schedules and keep track of resources.

    We can be contacted on 0045 28 77 56 53 or via our e-mail:

    2) Employees:
    Nordjysk Project Management has hired Kasper Barsted as a Junior consultant within Project Management and Digitization. Kasper comes directly from the University, from where he has a Master's degree in IT, learning and organizational learning. In addition to Kasper, Nordjysk Projektledelse has also entered into various freelancer agreements with other technical project manager.

    3) Cooperation agreements:
    Nordjysk Project Management has entered into a framework agreement with two major Danish engineering houses.
    Nordjysk Project Management has been established and approved as a delivery door for Væksthus Nordjylland/WDIS. Furthermore, Nordjysk Project Management has become part of the Aalborg Alliance.

    4) Education:
    Nordjysk Projektledelse's owner Lars Ubbesen is registered for a SCRUM Master certification, which he will begin in June 2021. Furthermore, Lars currently follows two degree programs at AAU: Digitization and digital transformation, and Development and analysis of business models.
    In addition, Kasper is currently in the process of a certification in Project Management & Prince2 foundation.

    5) Information collection and saving:
    From April 2021, Nordjysk project management has become a member of Dansk Projektledelse.

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