Large enterprises

Større virksomheder

At large enterprises the processes and steps in project management often become more complicated. Supply chain and management of logistics during launchment of a new product can become overwhelming when your team also has other intern responsibilities to take care of. We offer you the extra resources that gather the overview and through teamwork guides you through all of the project’s phases.

On-site project management

Visible leadership has often been documented as the most effective form of leadership, since it through easy accessibility creates the ideal frame for teamwork and leadership management. Through on-site management you can create a physical work environment which simplifies the communication channels between stakeholders, and create a space that provides a better flow for creativity which motivates your team. Below you can see an example of a model on how we approach on-site project management.

✓ Customized agreement

✓ Matches your structure and needs

✓ Quick-in & Quick-out

✓ Quick assessment of the available systems

✓ Quick overview of project data

✓ Focus on management

✓ Focus on the team during the entire process

✓ Strengthens your in-house skills

✓ Focus on business effects & change management

✓ Stakeholder satisfaction

✓ Focus on resources & time management

✓ Identification and management of critical issues

✓ Customer satisfaction

✓ Long-term functional plan

Digital project management

Different circumstances may require that a project is managed digitally. It does not mean, however, that you need to go down on quality. The model below illustrates how we can participate in your projects remotely with a digital solution.

✓ Customized agreement

✓ Matches your structure and needs

✓ Mutual contact

✓ Clear communication and management

✓ We contribute with digital tools

✓ Support throughout the process

✓ Focus on effects and resources

✓ Saves your costs and time

✓ Customer satisfaction

✓ Long-term functional plan

Case example

Logistik case

We cover you

When you select NPL as your partner in project management, we cover your back. Our team consists of experienced project managers, and all are certified in either Prince2, Scrum, Half Double or SAFe. Contact us to hear more about which plan would fit your project.

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