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Nordjysk Projektledelse


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That is why we are called Nordjysk Projektledelse

Nordjysk Projektledelse ApS started with the vision to create more jobs in North Jutland and with the mission to offer North Jutland companies an extra capacity in the form of project management and at the same time increase competitiveness on the market.

Nordjysk Projektledelse ApS is built on the North Jutland mentality, which is characterized by words such as honesty, high work ethic and orderliness.   

Honesty: Nordjyder are known for being honest and direct in their communication. This is an advantage in both our personal and professional relationships, as NPL creates trust and transparency in collaboration with our stakeholders.

Work ethic: Nordjyder is known for being diligent and energetic, which is expressed by NPL working hard and dedicated every day to fulfill both customers and our own objectives.

Solidarity: Nordjyder has a strong sense of community and solidarity with each other, which at NPL contributes to strong relationships and good cooperation across the board.

Orderliness: Nordjyder shows propriety and works transparently. At NPL, a word is a word and an agreement is an agreement.

Despite the fact that today we operate all over Denmark and are therefore not exclusively geographically connected to North Jutland, Nordjysk Projektledelse still cherishes these values.

We are proud that the North Jutland mentality permeates everything we do. This applies both to each other internally in the organization and in cooperation with our partners and customers.


NPL must be a transparent and attractive sparring partner within project management, IT, business development and change management.


We will increase digitalisation, green transition and business development through professional project management and management consultancy.

We keep our promises

Nordjysk Projektledelse is a project management house where the foundations are built on the Nordjysk mentality and executive project management. This is particularly expressed by the fact that credibility and orderliness are part of the DNA of all our project managers, and in all tasks that Nordjysk project management solves. In Nordjysk Project Management, a word is a word and an agreement is an agreement. 

Project management is our focus, soul and core competence

We are therefore specialists in taking responsibility, creating progress, results and benefits in projects, internally as well as externally. Nordjysk Project Management is involved in the entire journey from A to Z. Right from hiring new project managers, through project initiation, all the different phases of the project, to project completion and passing on knowledge and learning to the next project. 

At Nordjysk Project Management, we are quality conscious, and we do not compromise on our values: Orderliness, transparency, flexibility, quality focus and drive. Our values are reflected in everything we do. That is why we work every day to develop and improve our deliveries to provide the best customer experience. We make this visible through weekly sparring, development and upskilling of our various project managers. At Nordjysk Project Management, everything is well planned, quality assured and transparent.



We are authentic and take 100% responsibility for our deliveries.


We stand behind everything we do. Quality is paramount with us.

Action power

Our freelance project managers meet deadlines for agreed times


we work together with and not for our customers.

That's what our customers say


ikon pile

When you choose NPL as your project partner, we take responsibility. In our team, everyone is experienced in project management and certified in either Prince2®, Scrum, Half Double or SAFe®. Contact us or book a meeting to find out more about your project.


We'll get you to the finish line

Our goal when we carry out projects is to create flow, ensure delivery and make sure that the projects reach their destination with our customers.

We also help you in goal with a project?

Contact us by e-mail or telephone - or send us a direct message in the contact form.