SCR - Accountability

We are aware of our corporate social responsibilities (CSR) as an organisation, and we have implemented our business policies so that they reflect our responsibilities. CSR focuses on how companies manage commitment towards social responsibility and environmental sustainability. At NPL we have based our social responsibilities on the Sustainable Development Goals by the UN and aligned it with our CSR strategies.

We support the Sustainable Development Goals

We are aware of our actions and how we leave marks of our presence - both on the Earth and with our customers. We have integrated the following goals from the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in our business model.
FNs verdensmål hjul
FN nr. 7 bæredygtig energi

Nordjysk Projektledelse - Your local consultant

When we work on a green project at Nordjysk Projektledelse, we reflect on how the project can become more sustainable. While at our customers, Nordjysk Projektledelse proceeds with processes that eliminate resource waste, and strengthen the connection between humans and technology. Furthermore, as a local consultant, we negate the necessity in hiring employees from abroad or far away. It is in this way that we support the UN’s goal nr. 7 about affordable and clean energy.

We support your economical growth

Nordjysk Projektledelse By supporting SME and large enterprises with providing extra capacity to their product chain, Nordjysk Projektledelse contributes to the Danish economic growth. We support innovation projects and technological development, and put attention on creating value for our clients. We thereby contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal nr. 8 concerning decent work and economic growth.

FN nr. 8 økonomisk vækst
FN nr. 12 ansvarlig produktion

We reduce waste resources and strengthen your report cycles

When Nordjysk Projektledelse enters an agreement with your company we take a look at your resources and identify critical spots that cause resource waste. We support your reporting cycles throughout the process and put attention to areas that can be turned to a more sustainable practice, and thereby saves your resources. Through these actions we support the Sustainable Development Goal nr. 12 on responsible consumption and production.

We are stronger together

Nordjysk Projektledelse supports business partnerships that focus on development and support our customers’ capacity. Both local and international relations are established by the various stakeholders in different companies. When Nordjysk Projektledelse s hired by your company, we examine how we can strengthen your intern stakeholders with our knowledge and expertise, so that together we can work on creating a stronger business plan on a local and global scale. NPL thereby supports the sustainable development goal number 17 on partnerships for goals.

FN nr. 17 partnerskaber for handling

We cover you

Vores målsætning, når vi laver projekter er, at vi skaber flow, sikrer leverancen og sørger for at projekterne nås i mål ude hos vores kunder.

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